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CourseDepartmentCourse CollegeStudentsHoursImpacts

Jessi Kotsakis

Social & Cultural Sciences DepArts and Science37695.94316

Sara Waldschmidt

Social & Cultural Sciences DepArts and Science37154.1177

Meredith Welch

Social & Cultural Sciences DepArts and Science30558.44281

Sonia Barnes

Lang, Literatures & CulturesArts and Science1722.505

Michelle Medeiros

Lang, Literatures & CulturesArts and Science1123.5012

Eugenia Afinoguenova

Lang, Literatures & CulturesArts and Science16164.0080

Steve Keiser

Every day, simply by speaking, we reconstruct the world and our place in it: our age, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, place of origin, and more. Speaking is an act of identity. Language—our voice—is perhaps the most fundamental way we identify ourselves to each other and the wor...
English DeptArts and Science30326.82175

English DeptArts and Science00.000

Wendy Volz Daniels

Social & Cultural Sciences DepArts and Science15327.25126

Ericka Tucker

Philosophy DeptArts and Science2586.2233

Wendy Volz Daniels

Social & Cultural Sciences DepArts and Science331024.94336

Alexander Milovic

Marketing DeptBusiness Admin240.000

Ayleen Cabas-Mijares

Journalism/Media Studies DeptCommunication1712.004

Rebecca Lorentz

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation17301.21169

Andrew Babb-Fowler

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation20292.80150

Saul Lopez

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation20362.63172

Maureen Lewis

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation19297.30136

Blake Turner

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation18325.00168

Gabriel Velez

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation16248.71121

Julissa Ventura

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation8719.45177