Service Learning Program

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ClassDepartmentCourse CollegeStudentsHoursImpacts

Alexander Milovic

Marketing DeptBusiness Admin190.000

Psychology DeptArts and Science00.000

Michelle Medeiros

Lang, Literatures & CulturesArts and Science200.000

Ayleen Cabas-Mijares

Journalism/Media Studies DeptCommunication160.000

Derria Byrd Jackson

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation00.000

Toni Uhrich M.S.

Physical Therapy DeptHealth Science50.000

Danielle Koepke

English DeptArts and Science20.000

Laurel Marek

Nursing DeptGraduate School240.000

Janine Eagon

Nursing DeptGraduate School230.000

Janine Eagon

Nursing DeptGraduate School240.000

Leslie McAbee

English DeptArts and Science190.000

Ben Thelen

Nursing DeptNursing261.001

Laurel Marek

Nursing DeptGraduate School244.001

Anne Pasero

Lang, Literatures & CulturesArts and Science212.001

Rebecca Lorentz

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation144.002

Lillian Campbell

English DeptArts and Science193.302

Ana Escudero

Lang, Literatures & CulturesArts and Science154.002

Eric Dimmitt

Education, Policy & Lead DeptEducation166.003

Paul Gagliardi

English DeptArts and Science187.003

Sarah Stanley

English DeptArts and Science194.503