Kinnickinnic River Neighbors in Action



The KK River Neighbors in Action (KKRNIA) is a grassroots community group that the Department helped jump start to update and encourage resident participation in the many large-scale environmental projects taking place in their neighborhood. KKRNIA supports the Department’s efforts to build a healthier and more sustainable community by helping people get to know one another, feel safe and invest in their community. Through the KKRNIA’s outreach and encouragement, neighbors are working together to tackle and advocate for projects that will improve the quality of life and transform the built and natural environment within the KK River neighborhood.  These include street improvements, selecting and assisting in the design and installation of public art within Pulaski Park, coordinating neighborhood and river clean-ups, hosting annual picnics and other special events, and advocating for safer streets and expanded recreational, economic, and housing opportunities.

Sustainable Development Goals
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