Grand Avenue Club



Grand Avenue Club provides adults in Milwaukee County who have experienced mental illness pre-vocational, employment, educational, housing, recreational, and cultural opportunities so that their lives will be more productive and satisfying. he GAC community offers powerful proof that adults who have experienced mental illness are capable of working, learning, and living in the community. Based on the Clubhouse Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, "Clubhouse" is an approach that is being used effectively by more than 300 similarly organized communities throughout the world. Via a pre-vocational work-ordered day, members run GAC while working closely with a small but dedicated staff. Members also access paid employment, achieve educational goals, acquire housing, and participate in the artistic and cultural life of Milwaukee . GAC has earned the highest accreditation status offered by Clubhouse international, the training and accreditation headquarters for the global Clubhouse community. Membership in GAC is entirely voluntary. Once someone becomes a member that person is guaranteed the right to a place to come, the right to a place to return after any absence, the right to meaningful relationships, and the right to meaningful work.
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