Center for Peacemaking


The Marquette University Center for Peacemaking operates at the intersection of thought and action. Informed by the Jesuit mission of reconciliation and working for peace, the Center for Peacemaking fosters research and action for the promotion of social justice, human dignity and peace. As the only academic center at a Catholic university that explicitly focuses on exploring the power of nonviolence, our programs bring together students, faculty and the wider community to achieve three main objectives: Formation: shaping the values of youth and young adults through unique educational, experiential and applied learning opportunities. Scholarship: producing high-quality and community-based participatory research that expands our understanding of how to address inequalities, resolve conflict and promote human dignity. Community peacemaking leading programs that disrupt cycles of violence, address root causes of conflict, and help build strong, resilient and inclusive communities. Local and international partnerships. The Center for Peacemaking works with partner organizations to model creative nonviolent responses to pressing problems and to achieve a distinctive impact locally and internationally.
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