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Marquette Volunteer Corps is a semester-long opportunity for Marquette students to volunteer in a meaningful way, building relationships with community members as well as their peers.  MVC volunteers join a team of 5-7 members that volunteer together every week for a semester. You'll spend the semester serving with your team and learning more about the community partners' missions and objectives, the Milwaukee community, and yourself.

NOTE: If you are joining Marquette Volunteer Corps through the SERVICE LEARNING PROGRAM, specify that at the course of your application/communicate effectively for proper documentation!


Are you ready for a leadership role? Become a Team Leader!

If you have volunteer and leadership experience, consider taking a leadership role with Marquette Volunteer Corps. Team Leaders perform an important role of leading reflections, recruiting volunteers, and being an ambassador for positive social change in our community.  TL expectations are outlined on the job description. Click here to download the job description. If you are interested in becoming a Team Leader APPLY HERE!

Why Join Marquette Volunteer Corps?

  • Make a real difference in the Milwaukee community
  • Learn about an issue that you care about
  • Develop relationships with your teammates
  • Reflect on your experience with an experienced Team Leader
  • Big group reflection where you can learn about multiple social justice issues
  • We coordinate transportation

Expectations for Volunteers

Volunteers are expected to commit to a weekly volunteer schedule for the entire semester, so please plan ahead for your other responsibilities. We also three large-group reflection sessions required for all volunteers which are used to reflect on the service experience and how we can create a more equitable and inclusive community. These will be held on Friday afternoons; schedule conflicts can be discussed individually.

 *As part of the application process you may be asked to complete a background check. For any questions on this check or this process, please contact us.

Contact with any questions you may have.

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