Malaika Early Education Center



Malaika Early Learning Center works collaboratively with families to establish a strong academic, social and emotional foundation in the lives of Milwaukee's economically disadvantaged children, all of whom deserve opportunities for excellence in education regardless of their socio-economic situations or family structure. Located on 1st Street and Auer Avenue in the northeast Milwaukee neighborhood of Harambee, Malaika is licensed by Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to serve 70 children at a time between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years. The enrollment in the K4-K5 programs averages 60 children. On an average day, over 100 children receive services at Malaika. Our children come from neighborhoods across the city of Milwaukee, with the highest number from Harambee. About two-thirds of the children enrolled come from single-parent households, with 81% of parents earning incomes at or below the Federal low-income levels. Three-quarters of parents receive W-2 benefits, and 95% of children participate in the free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch program. All of our kindergarten parents receive Choice tuition reimbursement.
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