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Founded in 1980, the Milwaukee Women's Center provides comprehensive services and treatment for women, men, and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence, addiction, mental health issues, and poverty. In June 2007, to ensure the continuation of critical domestic violence resources in Milwaukee County, the Milwaukee Women's Center became a Division of Community Advocates. Joining a comprehensive human services agency allowed the Milwaukee Women's Center to further expand its menu of services to help people meet their basic needs, including safety in their own homes and relationships. Each year, more than 1,000 women, men, and children benefit from direct intervention, treatment, and prevention services, while more than 12,000 individuals receive assistance through the 24-Hour Crisis Line and community education programs. Client Demographics The Milwaukee Women's Center's clients are, by majority, racial and ethnic minorities who have very low or no income, and who reside in Milwaukee County. A demographic break-down is as follows: - 80% are women and girls - 60% are African American, 30% are Caucasian, and 8% are Hispanic - 85% live near or below the Federal poverty level - 90% reside in Milwaukee County
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