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Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services offers crisis intervention and long-term healing services for survivors of sexual and domestic violence. If you’re currently in crisis or want to learn more about the resources available to you through Aurora Healing & Advocacy Services, call the Aurora Healing Center Hotline at (414) 219-5555.


When you call the Aurora Healing Center Hotline at (414) 219-5555 - or visit an Aurora Healing Center - you’ll be connected with our team of trained healing caregivers. They’ll provide support and help with a variety of different aspects of your healing journey, including:

  • Helping you find resources and fill out paperwork
  • Accompanying you on medical, legal and court-related appointments
  • Contacting criminal justice or social service agencies on your behalf
  • Offering therapy and counseling services
  • Connecting you with other helpful resources and organizations as needed

Your caregiver will be with you every step of the way, offering support and understanding – from the moment you contact us throughout the entire healing process.

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