Bread of Healing Clinic



The clinic began as a ministry of Cross Lutheran Church in 2000. There were many partners critical to the opening of the clinic, including Aurora Sinai Medical Center, the University of Wisconsin Medical School, and other churches. Beginning with one room, one resident physician volunteer, one nurse volunteer, and one half day each week, the clinic opened and saw 150 patients in 2000. Since that time, the clinic has expanded to four half days each week at Cross Lutheran, where 300-350 patients are seen each month. Two other Bread of Healing Clinic sites have also opened, one at Eastbrook Church on the third Saturdays of each month; the other at the Agape Center every Wednesday evening. These two sites see an additional 50 patients each month. From an annual budget of $1500 in the first year to the current budget of $355,000, the clinic is now able to provide more than $1,000,000 in medical care to more than 1500 people who do not have medical insurance.
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