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Woodlands School is an independent charter school that guides four-year old preschoolers through eighth graders to achieve their full potential. The charter school celebrates diversity, nurtures creativity, and encourages independent thinking. It fosters respect for one another and inspires life-long learning skills. Woodlands School is a unique, educational community designed around the holistic needs of students. In addition to core classes taught by dedicated professionals, the charter school offers specialty classes in Library, French, Art, Music, and Physical Education. In keeping with its supportive environment, the school also offers Supportive Services and before/after-school care in its Extension program. Woodlands School offers an innovative educational program of excellence for the whole child in a multi-cultural environment that prepares the child for lifelong learning in a rapidly changing environment. Woodlands is an environment in which teachers, parents, and children share the responsibility for learning. Students are encouraged to discover, explore, and create in order to develop the attitudes and skills necessary for effective living. Prime consideration is given to developing moral and spiritual values, a positive attitude toward life, and a healthy self-concept. The school design reflects the belief that learning to live with a flexible environment and an openness to change fosters in the child the ability to cope with an increasingly complex body of knowledge and a rapidly changing society. The school philosophy emphasizes that involvement with people of many races and cultures enriches the growth of human understanding. Education founded on these beliefs gives rise to both a happy, sensitive, creative child and an adult who, while intellectually free, is morally and socially responsible.
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