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We're *counting* on you... Become an ABE Math Lab Tutor! Basic Math tutoring is available to all students in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program. Since many of these students have low reading levels, this math is intentionally simplified and contain very little written text. Students who attend Drop-In sessions may have a variety of math-related goals: Pre-GED students are working to improve their math scores up to a sixth-grade level to gain access to a High School-Equivalent Diploma program; beginning-level reading students might seek to learn how to do specific things, like interpret bus schedules, measure distance, count change, etc.

Basic Math tutors don't need to be strong in math themselves, just willing to learn and help others. In addition to being patient and compassionate, a variety of other traits might determine whether an individual will be effective as this type of tutor. People with any formal teaching experience are naturals, but experience isn't necessary. Writers, editors, professionals, engineers, and creative types can all make good Basic Math tutors. Effective tutors can explain a concept in simple terms, accurately guide their students' work, and inject enthusiasm and encouragement into their lessons. Tutors don't have to be masters at every skill set; learning the material along with your students is a great way to bond and encourage them!

Qualifications: Patient, compassionate, supportive, enthusiastic Able to explain things using simplified language Able to follow directions to ensure consistency of instruction Must have a valid email address and regular email access Some college preferred

Time Commitment Options: Drop-In: Mondays, 1:00-2:30pm; Wednesdays, 1:00-2:30pm; Fridays, 9:00-10:30am AND / OR Weekly Commitment: One (1) 90-minute tutoring session per week (excluding vacations, etc.); day/time can be flexible within our regularly scheduled blocks Please note - Drop-In tutors may work with more than one student at a time; tutors who commit to a weekly session will have a single, recurring student. Contact volunteer@literacyservices.org or 414-344-5878.
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